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Munro Talent Solutions

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What is the ambition of Munro Talent Solutions?

Changing the concept of inhouse recruitment by giving businesses the tools they need to recruit themselves.  We want to encourage businesses to become brand ambassadors and essentially believe in the ability to attract the best people into their teams.  Munro Talent Solutions is striving to build a reputation that inspires businesses to take a positive approach towards recruitment. We want clients to be engaged when delivering great recruitment, and understand how this will impact their brand. We will support you to build processes that will enhance your talent acquisition. 


We can support and strengthen your business in 6 key areas:

Employer Branding and how this will impact your candidate attraction
Internal Recruitment & Talent Management
Performance Review Management
Recruitment Lifecycle Management
Graduate & Undergraduate Recruitment Projects
Employee Onboarding

What problems can we solve for you?

  • Internal stakeholder buy in 

  • Achieve healthy attrition rates

  • Enhance your employer branding and making it effective

  • Develop a robust internal recruitment process

  • Introduce a clear and precise strategy to develop your graduate and undergraduate recruitment projects


Why Munro Talent Solutions?

  • We have a seven years experience managing inhouse recruitment functions and developing in house recruitment strategies, from candidate attraction to on-boarding, we can support on all areas of the process

  • We take a tailored approach to ensure we hit the mark and support with your key areas of priority

  • We have a suite of offerings that are flexible. You can choose from six key areas. Mix and match or pick one area that is the most important and let’s see how we go!

  • We are dedicated and driven to give you the best experience when working with a consultant

  • We have a flair for building relationships – people enjoy working with us. We love our work, and we have fun too!

We are excited to partner with clients who care about their people and their recruitment as much as we do. 


To talk to us, call Allie on 07539833328 or Becky on 07534865268.

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