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An authentic approach to recruitment

Recruitment duo with 16 years combined recruitment
and HR experience. We specialise in appointing mid to senior level technical sales candidates into Engineering and Manufacturing industries.
We take an honest and human approach to what we do and we are proud to be able to work together as sisters. We know that as two extremely hard working mums who don't do things half heartedly... we have to get this right - it's our livelihood! 
Our goal is to build and develop long lasting relationships with a reputation based on honesty, integrity and good old fashioned great customer service.
We hope you'll enjoy working with us once you get to know us.
What makes us special?
- Our genuine approach – people love working with us because we humanise a
process, we do not talk in jargon because we don’t need to.
- Not a business that helps them but people that help them
- Honesty and commitment
- Not being everything to everyone
- Nurture our relationships
What is the ambition of Hamilton Munro?
- To be a recognised business within the technical recruitment space in manufacturing
and engineering.
- To be a trusted partner.
- To nurture and develop our business.
- To grow a sustainable business, which compliments our lives as Mums.
What problems can we solve for you as our client?
- Reducing the time you are spending on recruitment.
- Finding the 'hard to reach' people.
- Improving business efficiencies.
- Enhancing external reputation and perception of your business.
How are you making lives better?
- Being easy to talk to
- Honest and authentic advice – not over promising
- Treating people like human beings
- Making peoples jobs easier
Our Verticals
Robotics & Automation | Instrumentation | Electronic Manufacturing

Allie and Becky

We are Allie and Becky Hamilton and in 2018 we decided to start our own recruitment and talent consultancy business. With our combined 18 years’ experience in a variety of sectors and industries we finally decided we wanted to do it our way. 

For recruitment needs, we specialise in mid to senior technical and sales roles, and we are able to deliver great candidates to a variety of business areas including:
- Sales Engineers
- Business Development Managers
- Export Managers
- Account Managers
- Sales Directors
- Maintenance Engineers
- Design Engineers
- Mechanical Engineers
- Project Engineers
- Engineering Managers


Our recruitment process is not for the faint hearted…so be ready to plan with us and stick to it!  We love a process, and all our recruitment runs in the same way. We will deliver insight to you during our process so that you can see how we are attracting the best talent for your business and we will feedback our findings throughout the shortlisting and selection phase. We only work with
clients who care about their recruitment as much as we do, so if your people agenda is not high on your list, it won’t be on ours!


We are passionate about candidate experience, so for all you new job seekers out there, you can rest assured that you will be treated with the upmost respect and integrity from us at Hamilton Munro. We will offer you an insight into relevant opportunities that meet your criteria and experience. We take a consultative approach and will advise on interview techniques, cv writing, market trends, salary surveys and the all-important negotiation when it comes to securing you an offer that will make you feel valued and engaged from the off.


Take a look at some of our testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations to learn more about what others have to say about us.

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